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Player name: Shaun
Character Name: Misaki Nadeshiko | SOLU
Character Canon: Kamen Rider Fourze
Canon point: End of Megamax. She just sort of just pulled herself back together from pure energy state.

Background: http://kamenrider.wikia.com/wiki/Kamen_Rider_Fourze

Abilities: Misaki is actually a sort of living slime, a being called SOLU which is short for Seeds of Life from the Universe, a lifeform from space which is full of Cosmic Energy. She has several abilities as her entire being allows her to replicate and duplicate powers and mimicry others, as well as being able to create physical objects such as Super Burgermeals and Switches and such.

Her primary form is that copied of the real Misaki Nadeshiko, and she wields a Fourze Driver with two switches in it without ports for the leg Switches. Currently she wields a Rocket and Radar Switch respectively on either arm. her primary attack is with the Rocket Switch, and can perform attacks such as the Rider Rocket Punch and the Nadeshiko Kick which is a reversed heel kick.

The main thing about Nadeshiko is that She Can Copy Almost Anything. And make anything. If you have a power that looks at least copyable, she can do so as long as its got a physical component, by altering her very substance in order to change or create whatever there is available. Such as say creating Lena Sayers Bolt from the Blue weapon, or a weapon summoned by a Servant. However it is not the same by any means, and is merely an extension of her copying powers. It looks similar, but not the same. Special attacks unique to the person can be semi-copied and modified to look similar and performed by Nadeshiko.

Any limitations would be placed within-game, as Nadeshiko has a nearly unlimited range of copy and create, able to make various things such as the Super-1 Rocket and Super Burgermeals. It's a given that most things she creates will be pre-fixed with Super, as that's her mode of operation. She doesn't consume her own body to create these things, and her flexibility, as well as near invulnerability to being killed properly due to her slime/liquid state is actually a big issue. Her physical body was only destroyed during the events of Megamax, and it's a given that she can restore it at any given time, but remained as a energy being during the epilogue of Megamax.

Personality: Nadeshiko started as a simple being, copying Gentarou Kisaragi through mimicry. She would only repeat things initially, sort of confused at the whole situation at hand. Over time, she started to learn various things and display likes and dislikes, such as a dislike for being contained, trust in Gentarou in which she wants to be his friend first, and then she also likes heights. Lots of heights. She is most comfortable in the tallest places in the world, including the moon.

Over time, she learned and fully evolved to a sentient being, one that could decide for herself if she wanted to live, breathe and enjoy the world around her. Tragically it was cut short by Len Kannagi's actions, but Nadeshiko is a very warm and open girl with a delight for life. She likes things such as jumbo meat buns and cute things like the Burgermeals.

She has a deep connection with the people who she considers friends, able to comfort them when they're down, and connect to them despite their misgivings. She has trust in Gentarou, something that has become a facet of her personality, as she shares deep affection for him, but is willing to begin as a friend. Her curiosity has lead to various experiences in her short life, as well as being able to become more human as time went on.

She is often seen with a smile come the later parts of Megamax, and her skills with combat are top notch despite her mix between cute and incredibly brutal fighting style. Able to get her hands dirty, Nadeshiko has yet to learn restraint, and lets it all out as a Rider, fighting hard and getting down and rough with enemies and opponents alike. She won't show mercy to those who threaten her friends, and will fight just as hard as she can at any given time.

RP Sample: http://testrun-box.dreamwidth.org/48080.html

Notes: Permissions
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Nadeshiko is living SOLU, which means she's able to copy (and improve) not just equipment but other forms and weapons. Say here if you need me to abstain or go for it. They'll probably materialize as Switches since her base form is Kamen Rider Nadeshiko.
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You've reached Nadeshiko. Sorry I'm away right now, so please leave a message.


Jun. 8th, 2012 12:56 pm
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How's my Nadeshiko? Comment below.


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